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Author: Justin


As of August 31, 2020, the Quebec Rental Board (Régie du Logement) will change its name to the Tribunal Administratif du Logement (the “TAL”) and the commissioners running it, will be known as Tribunal Members. Here are other important changes to be aware of: 1.

3 Incorporation Tips every business owner should know

This is your Legal Memo for the top 3 reasons why you should consider incorporating your business today. 1. Limited liability. It means the people who create the company, the people behind the company, like the shareholders or the directors are not liable (are not

Demystifying Class Actions

For a few years now, the medias, bloggers and especially the consumers became aware of the price gap between products for men and products for women. This phenomenon called “Pink Tax” attracted much attention. A simple search on Google and you will find hundreds, if

Water Damage and Mould: Your Rights As A Property Owner

Ron Allison and Melinda Ballard were living their dream. Recently married with successful careers and a three-year old son, they were living in a beautiful home on 62 acres of land in Austin, Texas. But then, in 1999, their son Reese began having respiratory problems.