Class Action Filed Against the STM

    MONTREAL, February 23, 2017 — Today, Legal Logik has filed a motion with the Quebec Superior Court to launch a class action against the STM for frequent delays and service interruptions experienced by STM monthly and yearly pass holders since March 1, 2014.

    Representing the class is Ms. Marion Croteau, a resident of Montreal and long-time metro user. Like the tens of thousands of users affected by the increased frequency of delays and service interruptions, Ms. Croteau is seeking compensation for the impact these disruptions have had on her personal and professional life.

    “The STM’s repeated delays can have serious consequences on users’ personal and professional lives and when a service is unreliable the user should be able to obtain compensation,” says Legal Logik attorney Michael Simkin, the attorney piloting the file.

    Members of the class are requesting a refund of 15% of the fees paid for their monthly or annual STM pass since March 1, 2014.

    The total damages and interest sought, multiplied by the number of users who have suffered prejudice, could reach into the tens of millions of dollars, a factor which makes this class action of considerable importance.

    Quickfacts :

    • Quebec class action filed with the Quebec Superior Court against the STM.
    • Metro and the bus services have seen increased delays and service interruptions in the past few years.
    • The class is asking for the reimbursement of 15% of cost of monthly monthly passes since March 1, 2014, as well as amounts to compensate taxi costs.
    • The value of the class action could reach around 200 million dollars for the STM.


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    Under the law applicable in Quebec, if you meet the definition of the group that the court will authorize (e.g. STM users who purchased a monthly or annual pass since March 1, 2014), you will automatically be included in the class action and will be able to submit a claim for compensation.

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