Class Action Launched Over Deceptive A25 Bridge Toll

    MONTREAL, August 9, 2017 — A Laval resident has filed a class action against Concession A25 S.E.C., the company which operates the Olivier-Charbonneau toll bridge connecting Montreal to Laval on Highway 25, and the Ministère des transports du Québec.

    The bridge is the first in Quebec to use an exclusively electronic toll system that records each vehicle either by license plate photo or by pre-installed transponder signal. Toll rates are variable depending on the time of day, with higher rates at rush hour.

    “The problem is that drivers see one rate displayed on signs leading to the bridge and are then billed a greater amount because the rate has changed by the time they pass the toll 5 km later,” explains Legal Logik attorney Michael Simkin. “It’s misleading”.

    The class representative, Marc Daoud, is a Laval resident who uses the A25 bridge regularly. When he took the bridge last December, he noticed the signage clearly indicated $2.24. Yet when he received his bill a few weeks later, he was charged a total of $3.20.

    The action seeks to reimburse the difference in price for anyone who paid a higher toll than advertised over the past three years as well as punitive damages in the amount of $10 for each passage. If authorized, the action could involve tens of thousands of A25 bridge users.

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    • Montreal@home

      This operation is totally unacceptable. I never received the initial invoice – they follow up with a 35 $ penalty tacked onto to the original excessive toll cost – such that one passage is now costing almost 50 $ – AVOID taking this bridge !

      • Tony Wang

        The same thing is happening to me, I never received the original invoice, and invoices with late fees arrived on schedule, the use of A25 round-trip travel needs nearly 100 $, is really a high price of the toll.i will not be Passed, after all, a tank of oil is only 70 $ only!