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    Family Law

    Are You Going Through a Divorce or Separation?

    When the decision is made to end a relationship, there are many matters to resolve. Who will have custody of the children? Who will obtain which assets? Will one partner need to provide support to the other, or to the children? To get each of these matters resolved, you need an experienced family lawyer on your side who knows how to defend your rights and help you obtain the results you seek.

    Find the Right Family Lawyer for you

    We recommend you contact a family law attorney if:

    • You are going through a divorce or separation from a spouse or common law partner
    • You would like to know your rights with respect to assets, spousal or child support, or custody
    • You would like to ensure that custody arrangements are in your favour
    • You would like to ensure that the division of property and other assets is in your favour
    • You would like assistance from a qualified family attorney to resolve other matters or issues resulting from the separation or divorce

    Access Personalized Legal Help for your Situation

    If you are looking for a qualified family attorney, we can help you with any of the following:

    • Divorce applications
    • Amicable agreements and Out-of-Court Settlements
    • Child custody arrangements
    • Spousal or child support arrangements
    • Partition of family patrimony, including your home, savings, RRSP and other belongings
    • Property and co-ownership issues, such as the sale of the family residence and maintaining the status quo pending legal proceedings
    • Discovery of undisclosed assets and undeclared income
    • Protection of assets by way of a seizure before judgment pending legal proceedings
    • De facto spouses
    • Foreign decisions granting maintenance orders or alimony

    What Makes Legal Logik’s Family Law Services Unique?

    Individualized Legal Services

    We work with you in a collaborative relationship providing services tailored to your needs. Together, we’re a team, working to get the results that matter to you.

    Results-Based Billing

    Simply cover the costs and disbursements required to handle your file and a success fee if we obtain a favourable settlement.

    A Proven Track Record for Results

    Our attorneys have successfully helped countless clients resolve their conflicts and find a way forward.

    Personable Service
    We work with you in a collaborative relationship providing services tailored to your needs. Together, we’re a team, working to get the results that matter to you.

    Meet Our Family Attorneys

    Martina Bakula


    Seeing the need for a modern approach to helping victims of significant life challenges, she chose to specialize in aspects of the law that would allow her to act as an advocate and ally to individuals in need. In her daily work, she practices in medical malpractice, labour and employment disputes, insurance law and civil and corporate litigation, helping those who have been wronged obtain just compensation for harm and damages they’ve suffered. To date, she has successfully pleaded hundreds of cases before Quebec’s court.

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    Dave LaPommeray, Legal Logik Attorney

    Dave Lapommeray


    With his experience in family, penal and criminal law, Dave joined Legal Logik to help clients in need defend their rights resolve important life situations. “When facing difficult legal situations, each and every person needs an advocate who will be their partner and help them achieve the best possible outcome,” says Dave. “Social injustices do occur and as part of the team at Legal Logik, my commitment is to help those who need affordable, reliable and transparent legal representation.”

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