The Logikal Approach to Legal Services

Why Legal Logik?

Online Access
Take the hassles and headaches out of the start-up phase with essential services for business available online.

Personalized Legal Services
We work with you to make your life easier with individualized legal solutions that make sense for your situation.

Innovative Pricing
Our flat-fee pricing and innovative billing models take the guesswork out of billing making it easy to plan ahead.

Professional Staff
Attentive customer service and legal expertise, from the receptionist who takes your call to the attorney assigned to your needs.

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Legal Essentials for Business


No-Fee Business Incorporation

Enjoy all the benefits of incorporation easily, conveniently and affordably thanks to our online business incorporation service.


Start-Up Kit

Designed exclusively for entrepreneurs and start-ups, this comprehensive kit includes everything you need to launch your business on a strong legal foundation while cutting your start-up costs.


Trademark Registration

Our online trademark registration service makes it easy to protect your intellectual property. Get started online and then benefit from the guidance of a trademark agent with over 10 years experience.


Contracts à la carte

Need affordable contracts delivered fast? Order contracts à la carte at affordable fixed-fee rates, prepared to your specifications by our legal staff.

Discover Our Innovative Legal Services


Legal Logik is a full-service law firm specializing in civil and commercial litigation, real estate, personal injury and labour and employment law. Benefit from legal services tailored to your needs and the perfect blend of customer service, innovation and legal professionalism.

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Questions about your situation or your particular legal needs? Book your Free 30-Minute Consultation with a Legal Logik attorney.

Who We Are

Voted Most Innovative Law Firm in Canada 2015, Legal Logik offers legal services for the modern era with fixed-pricing, innovative online service packages and an expert team of industry-leading attorneys.

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