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Need to protect your information?

A Confidentiality Agreement protects confidential information during discussions, proposals, reviews, analysis and negotiations. The agreement allows the disclosing party to communicate valuable confidential information while maintaining control over how the information is used by the receiving party.

This agreement is useful when disclosing valuable information or an invention to prospective strategic partners, investors and purchasers or when an employee will have access to or create confidential information during their employment.

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Why NDA Mutual Contracts are essential

Protect what’s important to you and your business.  Get an NDA today.

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About NDA Mutual Contracts

An NDA is such an important and simple document. It will cloak, in an iron dome, your most important conversations in business. Whether you’re selling your business, whether you’re buying something, this is such an easy document and a great business exercise.

Don’t be like the guy that consulted me recently who gave all of his information, without signing anything, to another party, that guy took the information and he ran off with it.

He actually started producing the items that he was given the plans for and now my guy is chasing him, he’s trying to get his fair share, but to document and do the evidence to get that done is being so complicated, he is losing his mind.

Don’t be like that guy, create the iron dome, get your NDA now.

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