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Legal assistance for lease assignments

You can assign your lease if you decide to leave your rental unit permanently during the course of the lease. You transfer your lease to someone else and have no further responsibilities as a tenant under the lease.

This contract is useful when businesses are sold or closed and ownership is transferred to another group operating a different corporation.

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Everything you need to know about Lease Assignments

Get a lease assignment contract drafted for you by our team of expert attorneys.

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About Lease Assignments

Congratulations, you’ve just invested in a massive real estate portfolio. Congratulations, you just started your business dream and you’re negotiating your first lease.

This is the first fundamental step in anything real estate related, for anything retail related.

The lease is the most important document, and needs to reflect what the parties expect out of the relationship.

Who pays the hydro? Who pays the taxes? How much rent do you pay? All of these things need to be documented, whether you have a commercial space, or whether you’re just selling cupcakes, we can help.

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