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Legal help for fines, penalties, tickets, and infractions

Have you been fined or penalized for an unlawful practice or an activity and wish to contest?

When facing fines or penalties from a municipality, government regulator or professional order or other municipal or provincial infractions, affordable legal help is available.

If you believe the ruling or charge against you is unjustified, we can help you defend your rights with creative and strategic legal assistance designed to protect your interests in these challenging situations.

Let Legal Logik contest your fines and tickets.

Feel you’ve received a penalty that’s unjust ? We can help you defend your rights.

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Should you contact a penal attorney?

When your hard-earned money, professional reputation or even your career is on the line, it’s crucial to seek the advice and guidance of a qualified attorney. If you feel the fine or penalty is unjust or excessive, an attorney can assist you in standing up for your rights and protecting your interests

We can help you contest the following types of fines and infractions:

  • Fines or penalties from provincial regulators such as the OACIQ, CMMTQ, CSST, or L’Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF)
  • Municipal fines such as safety infractions, building code infractions or failure to comply with city bylaws
  • Disciplinary actions from a professional order

How our attorneys can help

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If you feel you have just cause cause to contest a fine, penalty or ticket from a municipality or government body, or disciplinary action from a professional order, we can help defend your rights. First, we obtain and analyze all evidence against you to evaluate the case and clarify the legal arguments which will permit you to successfully contest.

We aim to settle the matter out of court in the quickest and most efficient manner possible, and if this cannot be done, we will take legal action on your behalf to achieve the following outcomes:

  • A withdrawal of the infraction
  • A reduction of the amount of the fine
  • A lightening of the penalty or disciplinary action

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