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Canadian Trademarking made easy

When you’re investing time, effort and money in a business name, product name, slogan, logo, design or other “brand identifier”, you want to make sure you protect that investment with a registered trademark.

Our trademark experts will carry out a direct hit search of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office database and to identify any existing trademarks that could hinder your application.

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Why you should Trademark your brand

How it Works

Preliminary Trademark Search

We’ll perform a direct hit search of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office database and our trademark experts will review the results.

Application Review

Our trademark expert will review your application to ensure it complies with government regulations, and then file it with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO).

Preparation and Filing

Our trademark team will complete and file your application.  Once your application is processed, we’ll answer government requests.

Register your trademark today before it’s too late.

Register Trademark


Do you have a business name, slogan, design, logo, tagline, symbol or some other brand identifier that you’re using or plan on using (on a product, packaging, website, advertising, store signage or vehicle) in Canada or abroad? Are you running a small business and looking to grow? Do you have a trade name that you are using as a trademark? If you answered yes to any of the above, then registering your name, logo or slogan as a trademark is in your best interests. The law does not recognize your ownership of a word, name, logo, slogan or design merely because you’ve created it. To ensure you own the rights to it, you’ll need to register it as a trademark.

A trademark registration is proof of ownership. It gives you the exclusive right to use your trademark across the country. It also tends to keep other companies from using any name, logo, or symbol or brand identifier that’s similar or identical to your trademark. If you’ve registered a trademark, you also have the right to take legal action if a third party infringes your trademark.

If you’ve been using a word, name, symbol, design or other “mark” in the marketplace for some time, you acquire what are called “common law” trademark rights. The problem is that common law rights are difficult to prove and even harder to defend, while a trademark registration is a recognized right. When you’ve invested time and money in your brand, don’t leave it at risk. Opt for a registered trademark and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that what you built is protected.

Simply registering your trade name with the Provincial or Federal Government doesn’t entitle you to trademark rights. To protect your name, you’ll need to apply to register it as a trademark. If you don’t, you run the risk of someone else using the same name for their business. If they apply for a trademark before you, it could prevent you from acquiring trademark rights.

In Canada, a trademark registration is valid for 15 years from the date of approval. As long as it’s still being used, it can then be renewed every 15 years.

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